Really Sharp Things

Let's start with a disclaimer: these items are incredibly dangerous to your beard, yourself and your family. They will make you bleed. Store them in a safe place out of reach of children and use them properly only after careful consideration. Proceed with caution, we will not be held responsible for any shaving regrets.

Growing an awesome beard and shaving don't typically work together but sometimes you just have to freshen it up a bit. Whether you're taking the whole thing off or just looking to find a patch of open skin somewhere on your head, this is the cheapest and most responsible way to get there.

Most responsible eh? After growing that awesome beard for all this time, do you really want to take some combination of scissors, electric trimmers and 7 blade cartridge monsters on it? Or would you do like your ancestors did and cut it off in one fell swoop with a hella sharp blade.

Go for that straight shave! Take it to the barber if you have the cash or check out this amazingly affordable way to shave. Since I started using these blades to take off my beards 15 years ago, I've gone through maybe 15 blades and still have the original handle I picked up all those years ago. I'll say it again, this is the best, cheapest and most badass way to cut off your beard. RAZORZ! SHARP AS HELL!