Personna Straight Razor Refills - 5 pack


SHAVE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please be prepared for the loss of beard, and likely loss of blood or possible loss of life associated with this tool. 

Go for that straight shave! Take it to the barber if you have the cash or check out this amazingly affordable way to shave. Since I started using these blades to take off my beards 15 years ago, I've gone through maybe 15 blades and still have the original handle I picked up all those years ago. I'll say it again, this is the best, cheapest and most badass way to cut off your beard. RAZORZ! SHARP AS HELL!

Replacement pack of 5 blades for your Personna razor. These can be polished on a cloth and strop every few strokes or so for quite some time or they can be replaced every couple shaves with affordable convenience. 

New technology provides a blade that is 25% sharper than the original for a smooth cutting edge with no snag or drag. 

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