Personna Straight Razor Kit


When you must RIP your beard do it right and lay those whiskers down to rest respectfully. This is a serious tool for a serious task — not to be taken lightly. Please be prepared for the loss of beard, and possible lost of blood or life associated with this tool. 


Stainless steel hair shaping razor by Personna includes blade guard for blending and shaping hair. Kit includes 5 extra blade of super sharp Personna razor refills.

You're going to want to lose the blade guard and just take care to not cut yourself in half.

The shaving community calls this sort of razor a "shavette" which was a brand put out by Dovo many years ago with a removable sharp set into a decent handle. I find this kit to behave very closely to a standard straight razor without the expense or complex tooling (strops...etc).

Razor holder is made in Japan, blades are made in the USA.

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