Our Story

Once upon a time, there was this punk-ass kid who didn't want to shave. Much to the annoyance of his friends and family, he grew one terrible beard after another. Hardly a day went by without somebody telling him to "just cut that thing off already".

Then one day in 2009, somebody suggested he, “put something in it”, but what could that magical "something" be? A thorough search was revealing. The only products offering to help were water based and full of nasty chemicals, the sorts of stuff his biologist parents had taught him to carefully avoid. After much time in the kitchen full of follies, false starts and small fires, Beard Balm our namesake product was born. He had struck upon the perfect blend, a simple combination of natural oils and waxes that turn facial hair from scraggly sadness to majestic glory.

From the beginning, Beard Balm has captivated users and admirers alike. He knew it was a magical product when overnight the calls to “cut it off” were replaced by inquiries from curious men, “How can I get my beard to grow like that?”

Feeling all that desire convinced him that Beard Balm needed to be sent far and wide. Society often conditions men to tend to themselves as little as possible—even though self-care is one of the bare necessities of life. Beard Balm make face care easy. Forget the disposable razor, the chemical laden shaving cream, the desiccating after shave. Simply rub in some Beard Balm after a wash, it’s as easy as putting on your pants.

Wanting to share this creation with the world, the balm producing operation quickly outgrew the little kitchen.  He enlisted the help of his brother and built a Wonka-esque factory down the street. Beard Balm LLC has since grown to become an employee-owned company of (totally rad) men and women focused on spreading good beards around the world by making and distributing enormous amounts of our delicious beard conditioners while exercising our social and environmental values on an increasingly large scale.

That was at least, until the building our factory was in got flipped and we got kicked out.  For now at least, Beard Balm is homeless, no more factory, no more product.  Hope springs eternal my friends.  Beard Balm will return!