Our Story

Once upon a time, there was this punk-ass kid who didn't want to shave. Much to the annoyance of his friends and family, he grew one terrible beard after another. Hardly a day went by without somebody telling him to "just cut that thing off already". 

Then one day in 2009, somebody said, "either cut it off or put something on it". But what could that magical "something" be? After years of development, Beard Balm, our namesake product was born. 

Now Beard Balm LLC is an employee owned company of badass men and women who are committed to spreading good beards across the world. Our method? Make and distribute enormous amounts of our delicious beard conditioners, the single item that makes growing an awesome beard as easy as not putting on your pants. We work out of Ponyride in Corktown, it's a rad place and you're always welcome to stop by for a visit. Email us at our first name + @beardbalm.us

Jon Koller - Chief Engineer

Jon likes beards and has grown them since he was a sophomore in high school. He's a licensed structural engineer and spends his extra time putting together buildings across Detroit.

Micah Koller - Chief Maker

Micah joined the Beard Balm family in 2013 to design, build, and manage our production facility. He has a background in experimental physics, with experience designing and fabricating precision instruments, and working with cryogenic systems and telescopes. Before moving back to Michigan, he spent a year teaching science and maths at a rural high school in the small Caribbean nation of Guyana. He spends much of his free time in Detroit riding bicycles, playing his fiddle, and stroking his beard.

Steve St. James - Maker

Steve is in the band.

Script LaFave - Maker

My friends call me script the fantastic. I'm a one man band. I live in a house in north corktown that I have been helping renovate for years. I share the space with other artists and musicians that are my best friends.

Leora Koller-Fox - Chief Bean Counter

Maybe that should be Chief Balm Counter. "If you put a coupon code in my bio, it better increase the price."

Lauren Bidigare - National Director of Sales

Are you in America? Talk to Lauren. She'll hook it up old school.