Beard Balm LLC is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available.  We wouldn’t just give you any rubbish to apply to your face.


Coconut oil:  Our Coconut Oil is Fair Trade For Life, Certified Organic, non-GMO, kosher and vegan certified. We purchase exclusively from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company, who source this coconut oil from a Fair Trade processing plant they helped start in Sri Lanka. We are one of only two companies in the world to use this incredibly high quality source in our formulations, the other being Dr. Bronner’s themselves!

Lanolin: American made and pharmaceutical grade extracted from the wool of Merino sheep. certified USP grade — the most stringent FDA standard — guaranteed free of contaminants. Humans have been breeding sheep over the last 5 thousand years to produce better lanolin. It’s the substance that protects sheep hair from the elements and it will do the same in a beard! More than any other ingredient, our high quality lanolin adds fullness and  shape to awesome beards all over the world 


Beeswax: 100% local Michigan beeswax from Michigan beekeepers. Southeast Michigan has long been a center for beekeepers and is leading the fight against Colony Collapse Disorder. We work with our suppliers to ensure clean processing and handling of their beeswax.

    Grape Seed oil: Kosher certified, a byproduct of French & Italian winemaking. The winemakers of France and Italy found out long ago that grapeseed oil—produced by collecting and squeezing the seeds of their wine grapes—is ideal for skin and hair care.


    Certified Organic Essential Oils that promote follicle health:

      Geranium Essential Oil: Steam distilled, All natural, kosher and certified organic
      Lemon Essential Oil: Cold pressed, All Natural, kosher and certified organic
      Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Steam distilled, All natural, kosher and certified organic


      Packaging: Our cans are made in America from American steel with BPA Free coating and they are recyclable!