Our Philosophy

From a young age, I’ve believed that small is beautiful. As we grow out from our community here in Detroit, we’ve worked constantly to create deep and meaningful connections within our company and neighborhood, with our suppliers and retailers and of course, with the extraordinary people like yourself that might one day appreciate the work we do.  We exercise our social and environmental values with every decision we make. As a small company we are proud of the connections we have made and look forward to adding more great partners as we grow up and out!


Walkin' the walk: Our Partners

Manufacturing Partner with the Fair Pay Today Campaign

Raising the minimum wage makes good business sense. Together with Business for a Fair Minimum Wage and The Fairness Project, leading natural product manufacturers are working to increase support for federal and state initiatives to raise the minimum wage by engaging consumers with in-store education, promotions and more!

Today’s outdated minimum wage doesn’t even cover the basics. Raising the minimum wage boosts the consumer buying power that businesses and communities depend on to thrive. Businesses also benefit from lower employee turnover and increased productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction. "Fair Pay Today – Good for Business, Good for Us All!” Learn more here.

 Fair for life

We source two thirds of our imported raw ingredients from Fair For Life certified companies, Dr. Bronners and Lebermouth Co. Fair for Life promotes an approach of Fair Trade that allows all producers and workers who are at a socio-economic disadvantage to access a wider range of social and economic benefits. Fair Trade is part of a broader context of sustainable development within a region that safeguards and supports the local social fabric, particularly in rural settings. These principles hold true equally well in the Global South as the Global North and apply throughout the whole supply chain covering producers, traders, manufacturers and brand holders.

Ponyride Detroit

Ponyride is a study to see how the foreclosure crisis can have a positive impact on our communities, by purchasing a large commercial building they.provide social capital to a diverse group of artists, creative entrepreneurs and makers that are committed to working together to make our communities in Detroit sustainable. Ponyride offers inexpensive space for socially-conscious artists and entrepreneurs giving them the opportunity for production, community outreach, and education. They house over 30 organizations nurturing collaboration and ideas to cultivate opportunities created by the strengths and crises of Detroit. Participants serve Detroit communities by sharing their craft and expertise.