Does it play “Rocky Top” when you open the lid?

If I needed some Beard Balm that also played “Rocky Top”, how much would it cost me?

When will I get my stuff?
Beard Balm ships via USPS First Class mail at least every Wednesday and will take a few days to get to you from Detroit. Orders placed by Tuesday at 10pm Detroit Time will ship the following day. Beard Balm often ships other days, sometimes Beard Balm ships everyday. Growing a beard takes patience and Beard Balm, we’ll rush so you don’t have to! International orders usually ship from our fulfillment partner in Hong Kong via Singapore Post. International shipping time varies greatly from 2-5 weeks. Please let us know if you're missing your shipment.

So I just put a bit on after a shower?
Yup, a little bit goes a long way. You can put it on at other times too! Play around with it!

I wanna be like you, tell me all your secrets!
Why not...

Do you have a guarantee?
Hell yea we do.

How much is in each can?
Enough to go from zero beard to a big one. Or enough to maintain a big one for a month or two. Men who keep a close beard have squeezed over 18 months out of a single can. Our legal trade weight is 44 grams or 1.5 ounces.

How far north do you ship?

We ship to Luleå in Sweden. That’s pretty far up there.

How far south do you ship?
We ship to Punta Arenas in Chile, try looking that one up on a map.

Can Beard Balm save my marriage?
Yes. It’s saved at least one marriage, if it can’t save yours, I’d be surprised.

Does Beard Balm help prevent zombie transmitted infections?
I dunno, probably?

Should a non-bearded woman use Beard Balm?
If she wants an awesome beard, then yes.