Beard Safe Spoon
Beard Safe Spoon

Beard Safe Spoon

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Does eating cereal leave your beard a mess? How about soup?

Consider this: It's not the soup, it's the spoon.

Enter the Beard Safe Spoon.

The drip arresting flat-bottomed shape makes spooning chunky liquids a breeze.

 A bit more about this fine piece of stainless steel. Manufactured by Zebra in Thailand, this spoon is formally known as a Chinese spoon, as it was developed by the Shang Dynasty along the Yellow River (today it's China!) some 3500 years ago. 

While often cast in ceramic or wood, the thin profile of the steel allows for maximum contents safely delivered into your belly. 

Add a couple Beard Safe Spoons to your next order and start a new page in your relationship with soups, cereals, stews, chillis!

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