Greetings Friends. 

We've got a really exciting find for you today. About two and a half years ago I gave my friend Mike a couple big boxes of Beard Balm. He lives in an awesome community focused housing project called Spaulding Court and the idea was they could use proceeds from the sale of the balm to help finance the project.

Well it never really worked out like that and instead Mike kept the stash dry and cool in his epic medieval style cellar. Not so different from the way you might age cheese or wine.
In any case, a few days back Mike came across this balm just sitting in a pile. It's aged extremely well, taking on a very different but very delightful characteristic than the fresh Beard Balm we typically ship. 
Check out this video I just put together about it and order some today! We have extremely limited quantities and when it's gone, well you'll have to wait another 30 months for us to age more.
Also, to get that Spaulding Court fundraiser back on track, we're sending $2 from each sale on here to our pals at Friends of Spaulding Court. Rebuild Detroit!

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